Maine Aug.3rd Day 1

Updated: Aug 5

We leave at 8:30 this morning to start our new venture. We will be taking approximately 10 days to travel from Maine to Florida, making several stops along the way. I have retired with my beautiful wife Ann 😍 and look forward to relaxing in Florida and enjoying life.

We will be stopping along the way One of them will be my sister's house in Burlington North Carolina to see her and Shirley. We're also going to be stopping in the Virginia area and vacation a little bit. Headed out in a couple hours.

We spent the night at the Holiday inn because we had no home to sleep in after selling ours. I would give this hotel maybe at 5.0 rating it needed some work but it did the trick a place to lay our head.

Usually we bring our bathing suits and go in the pool but we had so much to do with the closing we never got a chance. Oh well on the road, will update later so check back soon.

The pool looked good too!. Oh well we have a hugh heated outdoor pool at home in Florida.

😂 Lol

Jose Duddy (July 2021)

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