Corona Virus

Well what a time we are having. Who would have thought that in January we would be going through all this. I have to tell you I really enjoy the time off spending it with my wife and 7 yr. old Shishon " Lulu ". But the truth be known, I miss my work and all my friends and fans very much. It takes times like this to make us realize how precious our friends, family and life really are. Our vacation to the Caribbean started March 5th. Arriving back on the 16th.

Needless to say I have not worked since March 4th. and my wonderful wife works for the largest newspaper in New England and has worked from home all this time. " Thank God " Cash Flow!

We have two N-95 mask that were given to us my our best friends George & Laurina and we use them when we go out to the grocery store. Like all of you we are in need of hair cuts, nails done and fresh air lol. I put up a few live shows on Facebook, but they asked me to stop because of copyrights. While we have been in quarantine, I have been spring cleaning. WOW....Lots of dust in Biddeford Maine. Once you start cleaning you never see the end.

Oh by the way, I hit that magical point in my life and Just received my first full Social Security It's official I am a senior citizen.

Also if any of you have not been to my website lately, there is a link there to go look at old photos going back as far as 1999 and some family photos that go back even further. You'll be interested to know there is one of me when I was six years old and we were sledding on a hill with my two sisters. Stop by my website and click the link and enjoy all these great photos. As you know many of my shows have been canceled and will continue to be canceled until we get into at least phase two almost into phase three here in the state of Maine.

Usually this time of year I've already been at Bentley's at least once maybe twice. I have spoken with them in the last couple of days and they are still in in hopes that they will be able to salvage some of the season but not sure when, check back on my site frequently or check for updated opening date.

On behalf of myself and my wife Ann I want to thank you for all the support. We hope you are all well and safe and following the guidelines. I look forward to getting back with everybody "all my friends" before years end and we can get back to normal. Enjoy the rest of your day and I will post another blog in the next couple days.


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